Armundia Group

Our collaboration with Armundia Group has been developing in many ways for almost a decade with enormous personal and professional satisfaction.

Since 2007, Armundia Group provides innovative Fintech-Insurtech solutions, consulting services and BPO for the Digital Transformation of the financial, insurance and banking sectors.

In the amazing setting offered by Ostuni, on the occasion of the first convention of the group after the pandemic interruption, we were invited to film and edit an institutional interview of the CEO Gianluca Berghella with the journalist Sara Federico.

Together with the client, we opted for a mobile videography project, which allows a great flexibility of movement, a reduction in equipment, and therefore, also in cost.

However, we guarantee a high quality of the final product through our notions of photographic composition, lighting and editing.

Do you have in mind an interview that requires these features on a budget? Contact us! We will love filming your ideas.


Armundia Media Group