BYD Motors

BYD Motors, in its foray into the Mexican market with an innovative line of electric vehicles, selected Ahtziri Studio to voice their vision for the future. Recognizing the need for communication that would deeply resonate with their new audience, they turned to the distinctive timbre of Ahtziri Lagarde to highlight the vocal aspect of their advertising campaign.

We embarked on creating a series of pieces that not only highlighted the unique attributes of BYD’s vehicles but also captured the essence of sustainability and innovation. The resulting campaign was a testament to how the art of storytelling can amplify the reach and reception of a message.

This project underscores Ahtziri Studio’s mission to use our voice and creative skills to tell stories that matter. By collaborating with BYD Motors, we showcased the values of innovation and sustainability, as well as the transformative impact that authentic and powerful narrative can have on the launch of revolutionary products.


BYD Motors