Socci was our first job related to oenology. We were really excited about this project given Ahtziri’s passion for food and wine and her studies as a sommelier. María Rosa Socci is also a sommelier interested in importing Italian wine to Mexico. As you can guess, Socci is an Italian surname, reflecting María Rosa’s ancestry. Therefore, Italian grapes and vineyards were our main inspiration. The woman’s hand in the logo represents María Rosa’s touch and a female contribution in an industry that, like many others, is mostly dominated by men. María Rosa Socci was personally in charge of choosing her slogan, “Your red line with wine” – a Japanese legend about destiny (運命の赤い糸 Unmei no akai ito) – which is reflected in the line that can be seen on the little finger in the logo and the ligatures of the main source.


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María Rosa Socci